¿What Is A Industrial Louver And How Do They Work

¿What Is A Industrial Louver And How Do They Work?

Industrial louvers are used for ventilation and air conditioning systems. They’re also known as “slats” or “louvers.” Louvers are usually made from metal, plastic, or wood. Industrial louvers are available in many different shapes and sizes.

What Are Industrial Louvers?

Industrial louvers are designed to allow air to flow through them while preventing rainwater and debris from entering the building. They are typically installed at the top of windows and doors.

Benefits Of Using Industrial Louvers

Industrial louvers are used to keep out water and debris while allowing air to enter a building. They are also used to prevent insects from getting into buildings.

Types Of Industrial Louvers

There are two main types of industrial louver systems: fixed and retractable. Fixed louver systems are installed permanently in place. Retractable louver systems are designed to move up and down when needed.

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